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Thank you, to all visitors of

We are glad you have taken some time to read parts of his ongoing personal research on ancient Mesoamerican culture.

Maestro Cuauhtémoc Mosqueda Garcia is also found on facebook as Temok.  He is always looking for spaces and schools where he can share his investigations with classrooms, kalpullis, and educational museums.  Daily, he shares on facebook with all who are interested in learning about his/her culture.  His latest writings are on the stingray and how the Mayan’s used this as a form of sacred connection via piercing and blood offering.

We are currently looking to apply to grants that may relate to this website. Cuauhtémoc is constantly traveling and researching.  Making copies, taking photos, and posting information on his facebook to share with all, but he doesn’t have funding for this.  Willingly he gives is knowledge and information, but still has to pay his bills.  Please, find this as an opportunity to give back to our cultural educational history, not taught in any schools today.

Zenka Tlazokamatli ~

Thank you ~