Who is Temok?

Cuauhtémoc Mosqueda Garcia  is an anthropologist and traditional Aztec dancer that has spent his life teaching about the importance of culture and unity.   By unity he means, unite and support, education about our culture.    “Temok” for those who can not say his full name, Cuauhtémoc,  is the name people at Pow Wows or Northern continent tribes call him for short.

Temok from Mexico City, Tenochtitlan, where he became the first Aztec dancer in the great plaza in the late 70s, is a diligent investigator of ancient books like that of the codices, manuscripts in which Mesoamerican cultures transcribed information on education, science, astronomy, medicines, ecosystems, philosophy, calendars, literature, physics and mathematics.   His relentless study has inspired others to want to learn more but sometimes lacks the monetary support to continue teaching.

Cuauhtémoc Mosqueda Garcia is persistent with his work to rescue our culture.  Everyday he studies and when he finishes his study, he shares it with every deserving person.  He says, “Our people were the educators of the world, and we still continue to teach the world.”