Native Store ~

Temok is available to provide the following services:

  • handmade energy jewelry
  • cultural workshop or lectures
  • moving services with his truck


Temok is well versed with handmade one of a kind energy jewelry.  Each piece has an element or animal energy.  He creates a unique essence to all crafts with his hands.

Please, do inquire on where his next shop will be set up or where you can visit his newest handmade crafts for any holiday gift.



Temok is one of the most vigorous investigators of our time to reveal transcendental information of our ancient history for today’s living generations.   His message carries the responsibility for coming generations to be able to teach their children’s children and their children’s children how our past relates to today’s reoccurring questions by youth in the U.S. and in Mexico.  One is that of identity as it relates to ancient past; Second, education as we are the greatest educators of the world; and last, union, as we unite, we should also support each other more.  Temok dedicates himself daily to the rescuing of our ancient culture through reading, writing, giving lectures, and teaching danza.  Among the extensive list of contributions that Temok has provided audiences in the U.S. and abroad, one can say he is a solid walking living library and school of our ancient Mesoamerican past.  To disregard his extensive research would be a waste of valuable information future generations can extend on for the sake of all greater shared good; environmental responsibility.


Temok also helps the community with their moving needs in Denver, Co.  When Denver was affected by rain floods he was their for the community that wasn’t getting any help.  He saw that the rich were getting help, but not the Mexican community.

Things to know if you would like Temok to help you with a moving project:

  • a full tank of gas, the times necessary
  • Economic contribution
  • live in the Denver, Co area


Temok también ayuda a la comunidad con sus necesidades de mudanza en Denver, Co. Cuando Denver se vio afectada por las inundaciones de lluvia, el verano de 2013, el estuvo allí por la comunidad que no estaba recibiendo ningún tipo de ayuda. Vio que los ricos estaban recibiendo ayuda, pero no la comunidad mexicana.

Lo que debe saber si le gustaría que Temok le ayude con un proyecto de mudanzas para la communidad:

  • tankes de gas llenos, los necesarios para completar su mudanza
  • Una ayuda economica
  • Vivir en la zona de Denver, Co